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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Last year all Smilie students created shoes in art as part of our Smilie Cares and Smilie Shares initiative. The fourth grade students designed and decorated two pairs of shoes in art. These students worked hard to design their shoes all the while keeping in mind that the shoes are meant to be a piece of artwork themselves. (Which lead us to several queries... for example: What is art?)

Then, each fourth grader implemented his or her design on two pairs of white canvas shoes using permanent sharpie markers. One pair of shoes was for the students to keep and proudly wear. The second pair of shoes was a donation to another child. (This brought up several questions as well...what would it be like to NOT have shoes?) 

NOW THIS IS THE EXCITING PART; the second pair of shoes has now made it all the way to Kenya!!!! 

It is so exciting that we were able to share our creativity and celebrate the spirit of giving. 

Now our students have a unique connection to the students in Zimbabwe in that they own the only two pairs of each unique shoe design that exist in the whole world!


  1. Wow, that is SOOOO wonderful! I can even see that one child is holding the pair of shoes that I created. What a warm feeling these photos give me!Thanks so much for giving our Smilie students the opportunity to share our good fortunes with the world.

  2. This is so cool. What a great project!