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Friday, October 2, 2015

Still Life Drawings

 Ms. Cafferty and Mr. Menz's classes have been working on still life drawings. We began the project by carefully observing the flower arrangements and noticing as many details as possible. Students then sketched the flowers using pencils--making sure to include all those wonderful details. The following week, students checked their work to see if they had created "balanced compositions." Some children decided to add other details in their works to add visual interest and balance to their artwork. Then, they traced their pencil lines with black glue to create a bold, slightly 3D effect. Today, the children began coloring in their works using oil pastels. As a lesson launch we had watched a time lapse video of a professional artist using oil pastels to draw a pear. We observed some techniques she used and then tried them in our own works. Below are a few time lapse videos taken of students working. Enjoy!