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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kindergarten Five Senses Books!

Kindergarten students are ALMOST done with their five senses books. We have done five differing art projects which focused on each of our five senses. The children have created beautiful covers and are working on placing these works of art into their books. 

For a sight project, we viewed optical illusions and noticed how complementary color influence the way the pictures "trick" our eyes. The children, then, created their own tricky pictures using complementary colors.

For a touch project, students created a collage using various textured papers. We talked about the words texture and collage as art terms.

For hearing, the children listened to three very different songs and then drew with crayons and added a watercolor resist to illustrate the way the song felt.

For smell, the children drew their noses and then added ground cinnamon which they sanded from cinnamon sticks on sandpaper--it was a great fine motor practice and the art room smelled fabulous afterwards.

For our taste project, students learned an origami technique to fold their papers into "peek-a-boo" paper. The children then illustrated their papers with their favorite foods. Each paper had an area for four small pictures and, in the middle, a large space for their very favorite dish.

This project is a lot of fun as it relates directly to the kindergarten curriculum, but it also provides hands on exposure for our kindergarten students to a wide variety of art media. 

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